President of the Jury – Madeleine Onne

The Artistic Director of the Finnish National Ballet Madeleine Onne is the President of the HIBC 2020 Jury. The other members of the Jury will be published later.

“As the artistic director of the Finnish National Ballet from on 1st August, 2018 I am very pleased for the tight cooperation between the ballet competition and Finnish National Ballet. An international dance event of this level and importance gives indispensable international exposure to dance in Finland”, Madeleine Onne says.

“The impact ballet competitions have on young dancers is significant: they open doors to renowned companies and offer invaluable inspiration to aspiring dancers.”  

“Helsinki International Ballet Competition has during the years assured its place among the most acclaimed international ballet competitions. I have since it became official that I will start in Helsinki in August received numerous comments from Korea, Canada, New Zealand and Australia when leaders within the ballet world have expressed their admiration for the Helsinki International Ballet Competition and the exemplary way it is organized. “

Among the winners of the Helsinki International Competition are many successful principal dancers, such as Iana Salenko (Berlin State Ballet)  Jurgita Dronina (Canada National Ballet) Daniil Simkik (American Ballet theatre and Berlin State Ballet)and Jeffrey Cirio (American Ballet Theatre), among others. 

“I myself was one of the jury members in 2012 and I hired the Senior Gold Medalist Candice Adea to join the Hong Kong Ballet as one of the leading dancers”, Madeleine Onne continues. 

“The mission of the Helsinki International Ballet Competition is not only to serve as stepping stone to your dancers; during the last years the competition has also raised its reputation being an international educational event for all the participants. With the mission of the competition “Turning everyone into a winner”, the organizers want to emphasize the educational aspect of the competition. The young dancers might not always get a prize but the hours they have spent on practicing in preparation for the competition, that itself is usually the biggest gain and something they all will remember as a unique period in their career.”

All competitors also receive top quality training and take part in workshops throughout their stay in Helsinki during the period of the competition.  

“In the world of computers and non-moving activities for children and young adults and in a time when culture is more important than ever I hope this “gem” among ballet competitions in the world will continue its mission”, Madeleine Onne emphasizes.



Tiina Piha manages HIBC 2020

Tiina Piha has been nominated as the Secretary General of the Helsinki International Ballet Competition. The next HIBC will take place in the beginning of June 2020.

“Helsinki International Ballet Competition will be one of the most inspiring events during 2020 in the city of Helsinki. Helsinki has become one of the rapidly growing and interesting culture hubs. Globally, ballet and dance are the cultural hot topics. So there will be a unique Spirit of Helsinki during HIBC 2020.”

Tiina Piha has over 25 years experience in public relations, marketing and journalism. She is specialized in creative industries and cultural projects.
“As an arts and culture enthusiast and a professional communicator I see HIBC as a unique chance to create new Spirit, not only for all the participants, but also for the City of Helsinki as well as our partners. Arts and culture are the next big thing in our society and this trend will only grow stronger ”, Tiina says.

Her role is to coordinate the HIBC competition, including the background operations. Tiina Piha is the first contact for any competitor, press, partner and other inquiries. 

Tiina Piha co-operates closely with the HIBC association, HIBC voluntary network, supporting associations and sponsors as well as all the HIBC Spirit creators.

“HIBC is highly valued internationally and a well organized ballet competition with full of magical Nordic summer light. So HIBC, in the heart of Helsinki City, will be the place to be in the beginning of June 2020.”